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 Sheree Colbert interviews Gino Byrd.  He talks about being a direct care client, working in radio, and living/growing up in Detroit.



Interview Questions
Lists many of the common questions that arise in interviews.  It also gives brief descriptions of how you should reply to each question.

Important Information For Job Searching
This sheet highlights important information that will make the job search process easier.  By having this information on hand it will speed up filling out applications and writing a resume.

Ways to Heal a Relationship
This article offers three ways to heal a relationship.  Before you give up on the relationship, at least attempt some of these actions.  A little effort goes a long way toward rebuilding a romantic connection.

Ways to Save Money
This article lists many ways that you can save money.  Cut some unnecessary spending without changing the way you live your life.

Sex Protection
This article describes different forms of sex protection and birth control.  A good resource to start any sex discussion.

Coping With Depressed Feelings
This article offers some ways to cope with sadness and feeling depressed.  It lists ways you can alleviate some of your stress.

Avoiding Burnout
This article provides some ways to avoid burnout in the work place.  The ideas in this article can help you feel more positive about your work, and prevent work stress from disrupting your home life.

Death and Dying Summary (By Salim Al-Yacoub)
This article summarizes the book, "On Death and Dying" by Elizabeth Kubler Ross.  In the book, Dr. Ross outlines her classic 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.  This summary gives a brief description of the different stages along with some insight into how to cope with grief.  A great resource for anyone going through the grieving process.


Always remember; if you find yourself overwhelmed by strong feelings or situations in your life, you should think about seeking professional help.


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